The Center for Migration Research (ZMF) has since 2012 focused on the interdisciplinary collaboration between the social sciences and history. We regard migration research as an opportunity to adequately understand the long-term and multi-generational effects of migratory movements within a long-term perspective. In combining methodological competence both in quantitative and qualitative research, we strive to develop this approach further. We are committed to public outreach through exhibitions, lectures and citizen sciences.

Our Mission Statement

Interdisciplinary Approach

The Centre for Migration Research is following approaches to migration and mobility studies from various disciplines of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Longitudinal Perspective

At the Centre for Migration Research, we understand migratory phenomena as historical processes with long term effects that need to be studied both in past and present.

Actor-centred Approach

We study human practice within its social relations, its material constraints and its symbolic orders. 


The Center for Migration Research's organisational basis is the association Verein Zentrum für Migrationsforschung  (ZVR-Zahl 3381 359 77).
We are member of the Lower Austrian interdisciplinary humanities research network first. We are member of the Austrian Network for Migration History ÖNM.


Organisational diagram



Marktplatz der Wissenschaf[f]t Junge Uni Tulln

Marktplatz der Wissenschaf[f]t Junge Uni Tulln

Das Zentrum für Migrationsforschung nimmt regelmäßig an den von der Abteilung Wissenschaft und Forschung des Amtes der NÖ-Landesregierung organisierten Marktplätzen der Wissenschaf[f]t teil.Read more

Marktplatz der Wissenschaf[f]t  Junge Uni Raabs

Marktplatz der Wissenschaf[f]t Junge Uni Raabs

Am „Marktplatz der Wissenschaf[f]t" haben Besucherinnen und Besucher die Gelegenheit sich über den neuesten Stand der Wissenschaft und Forschung zu informieren. Interessierte können direkt bei arrivierten Expertinnen und Experten spannende Aspekte von Geophysik, Astronomie, Genetik, Mineralogie, Chemie, Medizin, Geschichte, Philosophie kennenlernen und erkunden.Read more